Currently, there are three main multifocal IOL lenses that are available for implantation in the eye. The ReZoom™ lens and the ReStor™ lens are two commonly used lenses that work by the multifocal lens principle. Each lens incorporates ring-shaped zones of differing optical power to provide a multifocal effect. Crystalens™ is the third major lens implant that works in a slightly different manner than the normal multifocal IOLs. The Crystalens™works by moving forward on a hinge in the back of the eye, the lens uses the eye’s natural muscles which is why it is considered an accommodating lens.

The main advantage offered by multifocal lenses is the opportunity to become less dependent on reading glasses for near activities. For many people, presbyopia, the loss of the eye’s ability to zoom from distant to near objects, is very frustrating and becomes worse with age. For people frustrated by the need for reading glasses, multifocal lenses offer a good alternative. For example, in the FDA trial of the ReStor multifocal lens, 84% of ReStor patients achieved simultaneous 20/25 distance vision, which is a single line away from perfect 20/20 vision, and near vision which allowed newsprint to be easily read.

However, only 23% of patients with monofocal IOL lenses in the same study were able to achieve those levels of distance and near vision simultaneous.

The clinical trials for the ReZoom multifocal IOL and Crystalens accommodating IOL also demonstrated markedly better simultaneous near and distance vision with these lenses compared to traditional monofocal IOLs.

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