LASIK has practically become a household name since it became approved by the FDA in the Mid-1990’s. Since the introduction of LASIK there have been dramatic improvements in the technology used to perform the procedure. Now more than ever, more people may be qualified for LASIK procedures. The Doctors at New Orleans Eye Specialists have performed thousands of LASIK procedures, so you’ll know you’ll be in good hands if you decide to have surgery with us.

LASIK is a relatively mild procedure that is an outpatient procedure in our surgical center. Eye drops are used to numb your eyes before the start of the surgery. You will be laying on your back as the doctor begins to focus the laser on your eyes. Your doctor will take the time to focus the laser into the right position prior to the start of the surgery. During the actually surgery the doctor will sit above you as they use a microscope to look through the laser. A video monitor will also be set up, which makes it easier for the doctor to see your eyes during the procedure.

The first step of a LASIK procedure at is the creation of the corneal flap with an excimer laser. The corneal flap is a thin segment of the outer layer of the cornea. Next, the flap is lifted and a different laser is used to re-shape the underlying corneal tissue to correct any irregularities. This step in Custom LASIK, is based on an individual 3D map taken of the eye, so that the most precise corrections are possible. Finally, the flap is folded back into place where it bonds quickly. Healing is rapid with blade-free LASIK and most people can return to work within the following two days.

Following your LASIK procedure you will have a series of appointments with your doctor to make sure your vision is improving and there are no complications. After the healing process is complete you should be able to see clearly again. If you are interested in learning more about LASIK with New Orleans Eye Specialist please do not hesitate to call us at our New Orleans location 504-891-1988 or Metairie location 504-454-0158.

Cataract Surgery New Intraocular Lens Technology

Cataract patients now have an option to see at both near and far distances after cataract surgery! Individuals suffering from cataracts previously had only a mono-focal lens implant option after surgery. NEW premium lens implant technology can now decrease dependence on glasses after surgery.

LASIK Financing Options

LASIK eye surgery can be cost prohibitive. Our LASIK center goes way beyond what other centers do to help our patients overcome this affordability issue. If cost is something that has been holding you back from vision correction you should really contact us as soon as possible to set up a consultation. We have a page on this website dedicated to discussing LASIK patient financing. You can even fill out an online application to qualify for LASIK financing. We offer 0% financing, on approved credit with low fixed monthly payments, no down payment and no pre-payment penalty.

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